Heart failure impacts more than 60 million people worldwide. By 2030, that number will rise more than 25%.

Do you know that fewer than 1 in 10 people can identify 3 common symptoms of heart failure? It’s time to change that.

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Heart failure affects millions of people worldwide. Take a look at the facts and figures below. Find out just how big of an impact this disease has.


1 in 5

people over the age of 40 will develop heart failure in their lifetime*

Every year, more than 3.5 million people are diagnosed with HF in Europe. This equates to over 400 cases every hour or

7 cases

in the 60 seconds it takes to read this infographic*

Heart failure causes

2 to 3

times as many deaths as advanced cancers

like bowel and breast cancer*

*Reference: Heart failure in numbers. Novartis Pharma AG. Sep 2015. Code: GLCM/LCZ/0063.