Good support is important

In 2007, doctors told Blanka that she had heart failure. She had no idea what it meant for her health. And what did it mean for the future? When the doctor explained it to me, I was really scared.

Blanka feels like a lot has changed. She can’t cook or clean as well as she used to. She also has trouble tending to her garden. But she has the strong support of her family. With their help, Blanka stays active.

I think that we still have a good social life. I enjoy going shopping with my daughter, window-shopping, traveling. But the major part of my social life, what I enjoy the most, is my grandchildren. I have 5 grandchildren aged between 3 and 15. All little devils! [But] they help me a lot. They’re very caring.

Blanka also gets help from her husband with day-to-day activities. She smiles about marriage being “for better or worse.”

Blanka hopes to live a long life. She wants to see her grandchildren get married. For everything her family does for her, she is thankful. I want to thank my family for their support and help—I give a special thank you.