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Recognizing signs and symptoms

In the fight against heart failure, knowledge is power. Learn more about what to look out for today.

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Talking to your doctor

It's important to take time to talk to your doctor about your heart failure. Click here for some tips.

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Diagnosis and treatment

Find out how heart failure is diagnosed and the ways a doctor may treat your condition.

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Meet a heart failure hero

Zeneida has faced many challenges with heart failure. But she is moving forward despite her condition. Find out how!

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Share your story

Send us your stories of how you've been affected by heart failure and you could see it featured here.

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Keep it positive

How heart failure can affect your feelings and emotions, and what you can do about it.

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Know the signs of Heart Failure

Watch for symptoms that signal danger. Find out why new signs and symptoms, or any that get worse, can be your alert to call the doctor.