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The patient perspective

Read a new report on how people with heart failure experience their condition.


Why heart failure matters

David Sculthorpe, CEO of Canadian patient advocacy group, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, discusses heart failure in Canada and how it impacts so many.


Understanding ejection fraction

Ejection fraction is an important measure of your hearts health. But what is it, and what does it mean?


A quick guide to guidelines

Clinical guidelines play an important role in deciding how to manage heart failure – but do you know what they are? Click here to find out.


Why do I get breathless?

Why does heart failure cause breathlessness and what can you do about it? 


Uniting against heart failure

A unique global community of heart failure focused patient groups united in an effort to amplify the patient voice in the global conversation – read on to find out more.

Heart myth

5 common heart failure myths

Have you come across these common heart failure myths?


Get the expert perspective

A consultant cardiologist and patient educator offer their expert opinions and first-hand experience of heart failure, answering your questions.

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Share your story!

Send us your stories of how you’ve been affected by heart failure and you could see it featured here
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What are the symptoms of heart failure?

Learn more with our online symptom checker