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Seeing heart failure from the patient perspective

You know better than anyone what it’s like living with heart failure. But sometimes it can be interesting to hear about other people’s experiences as well. The Heart Health Policy Partnership and five heart failure patient groups thought the same thing. That’s why they’ve developed the ‘Patient Perspective on Heart Failure’ report.

In the report, you can read about people’s experiences of diagnosis, talking to their doctors and living with heart failure day to day. It provides an overview of the patient perspective on heart failure across three main areas:

  • Knowledge and understanding of heart failure
  • Quality of life for people with heart failure
  • Interactions with healthcare professionals

Read it in full by clicking on the image below.

The result of in-depth interviews with leading patient representatives from the UK, Mexico, Egypt and Spain, as well as thorough research into existing knowledge about the patient perspective, the report highlights the most important changes needed in policy and practice to help improve patient outcomes. It is supported by five heart failure patient groups: iHHub, Pumping Marvellous, Cardio Alianza, Pacientes de Corazόn and The Egyptian Association for Care of Heart Failure Patients, and was sponsored by Novartis.


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