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Watch videos of other people who are learning to manage life with heart failure. Read about lifestyle, diet, exercise, and more.

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Patient stories


Mary-Ann’s story

Mary-Ann, a retired nurse, shares her patient story with the Keep It Pumping community. Read her thoughts on living with heart failure.

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André and François’ story

Heart failure impacts more than just the person diagnosed.

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After making adjustments, Anna lives well and enjoys her life!

Watch Anna's video


More patient stories

We have lots more stories from patients like patients. Explore a little more here.

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Health & wellness


Top tips for your heart

Find out why it is important to look after your heart this winter and top tips for staying healthy during the cold weather.

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5 tips for travelling

Having heart failure doesn’t mean travelling is off limits. Find out how you can help make your holiday stress free here.

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7 heart failure life hacks

Top tips to help make your life with heart failure a little easier

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Health tips

We have lots more health & wellness tips. Just click to discover more.

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Understanding heart failure


Uniting against heart failure

A unique global community of heart failure focused patient groups united in an effort to amplify the patient voice in the global conversation.

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Heart myth

5 common myths

Have you come across these common heart failure myths?

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Why do I get breathless?

Why does heart failure cause breathlessness and what can you do about it? 

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Understand more

There's plenty of info here to help you understand more about heart failure.

Heart failure info

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What are the symptoms of heart failure?

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