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Fighting for people with heart failure

"My immediate reaction to the diagnosis was to fight, to not give in. Not to let the illness win, but to beat it."

Oberdan is a fighter. That’s why, after he was diagnosed with heart failure, he took action. He wanted to help not just himself. He believed many others in his position needed help, too.

When I was diagnosed with heart failure, I honestly didn’t know what it was, because there isn’t much information on this subject. There really is very little. That’s why I founded AISC (Associazione Italiana Scompensati Cardiaci), an association where I am chairman, to help other patients understand what heart failure is, so that they never reach the stage where they give up. [And] to help them before that happens, through preventive action and by giving them access to as much information as possible.

Oberdan has learned a lot about heart failure. He sticks to a good diet, stays active, and takes everything in stride. Most important, he shares what he has learned with the rest of the world.

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